Our Facilities

We will make sure that you, our valued member, will always get the right support to achieve your aims.

You can rely on us in every aspects of your training schedule, from personalised exercise plans to nutritional guidance. And after a long working day or hard workout you can enjoy our facilities, or unwind with one of our specialist massage therapies.

And of course, we will always be there when you need a little extra motivation to overcome difficulties and push your limits.


Our free weight area and weight machines cater for wide range of customer needs, whether it is muscle gain, improving fitness & strength or slimming/toning.

From simple but effective dumbbells to specialised weight machines you can find everything you will need to achieve your goals and have a great training experience.


Our specifically designed cardiovascular machines are equipped with CPR screen ensuring constant pulse rate. They offer predetermined and customisable programmes for weight loss, general wellness and improved cardiovascular capacity with positive effect on blood pressure. The cardiovascular machines are extremely helpful tools for improving your overall fitness level.