The Bar

At Majestic Gym you can enjoy a fresh juice, latte, coffee or treat yourself to something a little more potent from the large choice of supplements menu.

It is a exquisite supplements Bar which sells a range of wide protein shakes, protein bars, and energy drinks   including pre-work out drinks, Bottled Waters meeting the utmost standards.


Here at Majestic Gym, we know that getting into the shape that you want is so much more than just physical training.

When you demand a lot from your body you need the right dietary supplements, Majestic Gym can not only supply you with some of the best products that money can buy but we have a helpful team of staff, fellow gym members and even champions who can offer you advice and help you make the right choices.

Our policy is to sell very good products and results for good value. Not cheap products.


Cyto Sport Muscle Milk/Monster Milk

Gaspari Nutrition


Absorb Nutrition

Optimum Nutrition



Controlled labs