The Gym

Why Majestic Gym?

Majestic gym is the original exclusive Free Weights Gym in the Dorset area.

The 11,000 sq foot gym has been equipped by a combination of custom made and latest range of equipment, for resistance training and cardiovascular workouts. About 30 tons of free weights and 3 dumbbell sets up to 80 kg

Our gyms are fully equipped with the latest machinery for cardio and strength training. There’s an abundance of options should you choose to train with free weights, Hardkore strength equipment, or resistance training from Cybex,  LifeFitness, Customary build & More. Cardiovascular equipment is also available to enable you to warm up sufficiently before your workout, there are plenty of  Treadmills, Bikes, Rowing Machines and Arc -Trainers.

Get serious about your training – we are!

Opening Times:

Mon-Fri: 07:45-21:00
Sat: 09:00-18:00
Sun: 09:00-12:00

National Holidays & Bank Holidays CLOSED


At Majestic Gym you’ll find nothing less than the best.

The equipment you see in our facilities is there because it works. We don’t use fitness gimmicks or fads that deliver outrageous promises, just effective proven equipment. We have everything you’d expect to find in a gym plus a few secret weapons! Like our Bodycore vibration platforms to help you accelerate you results, we’ve also looked back in time to see if there was anything to bring back, and so we give you Kettlebells.

All of our standard equipment is simple and easy to use; on our resistance machines you’ll see basic instructions of how to set it up, muscles which it works and the movement pattern you should do. The cardio equipment is even easier, green button to go, red button to stop!

In our free weight areas you’ll find loads of equipment to lift, from dumbbells, to Kettlebells, different accessory bars to target different muscle groups. Plus great space to complete your workout.

You should never get bored!

5 Treadmills, 5 Arc-trainers, 3 upright bikes, 3 recumbet bikes, 2 stepper, 2 concept  rowers, 3 cable crossovers, 8 benches flat to adjustable, 1 shoulder press iso-lateral, 1 military press, 1 deltoid fly, 2 smith machines, 1 iso-lateral chest press, 1 decline press, 1 decline pec fly, 1 pec dec, 2 adjustable pec decs, 1 lower back ext, 1 mid back ext, 1 1 weighted leg raise, 3 adjustable crunch boards, 1 dip/leg raise, 1preacher curl, 3 arm curl machines, 2 arm extension machines, 1latpull down, 1 advanced latpull down, 1 iso-lateral back mach, 1pull over,1 back/rear deltoid, 1 rear deltoid, 11 high row, 1 T-bar, 1 bent over row, 1squat rack, 1power cage,2 seated calfs, 2 standing calfs, 1 donkey calf, 1 45d leg press, 1 30d leg press, 1squat press, 1 hack squat adjustable angles, 1 deep hack squat, 1 prone leg curs, 1 lying leg curl, 1seated leg curl, 1 kneeling leg curl, 3 leg extensions, 2bench presses, 2 incline presses.